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Change is often scary for most people; I think it has to do with the unknown.  We can either tread lightly, and tip toe into the unknown or, prepare ourselves mentally and face it head on.  The unknown is just that…you just don't know what you'll find!  I have never been afraid of obstacles but, I have certainly been realistic that those obstacles might be painful, challenging, frustrating but never a show stopper. In contrast, those obstacles also might be refreshing, enlightening and totally conquerable! How do we coach our athletes, and our own children, to not be afraid to make mistakes, "fail" or approach the unknown? Failure shouldn't be considered a bad word; instead, failing at something should be considered an opportunity to learn and change your course if necessary.

I worry that so many of our youngsters aren't given opportunities to "fail" or, at the least, to not succeed. I suggest we model to the young adults around us an attitude of optimism when it comes to challenges, unknowns, transitions…because the most important part isn't the outcome but the journey.  Over the last year of starting BEST I have been humbled, supported, overwhelmed, scared, excited, proud, educated and refreshed.  I haven't expected immediate results; I recognize growing something takes time and includes ebbs and flows.  The journey has been incredible and I wouldn't change a thing.  Thank you for being a part of it.

posted on 9/27/2013

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