BEST Initiative

"During my 21 years of collegiate coaching, I became keenly aware of the areas where athletes needed more self awareness to get the most out of their collegiate experience. I’ve considered how awesome it would be if student-athletes had a head start on that process…how these skills would positively impact them today, as well as during their transition to collegiate life. In my experience, mature, self-aware, and self-confident student athletes, who were prepared to ask for help when vulnerable, were consistently more successful in both the classroom and pool." Coach Brackin

I am READY! Ready for what? Ready for school, a test, practice, a competition, new relationships… Coach Brackin will introduce you to a set of tools so that you can take the initiative to successfully navigate the dynamic world you live in. She strives to: 

Individual Coaching Sessions:Work one on one with Coach Brackin 

Group Coaching Sessions (min 2 – max 3):Work in a small group of peers where you will experience the valuable asset of having a support system, a group to network with and recognize you have many shared experiences.

Minimum twelve-week commitment needed to complete the BEST Initiative 

Meet in person or conveniently schedule online coaching sessions