Monthly Clinics

Each specialty clinic is

Below are a list of dates and topics to be covered with a small description of the focal point for each clinic.

December 15Backstroke: Body Position, the pull and how to strategically increase your tempo/stroke rate. Backstroke start & breakout. ONE SPACE LEFT!!

January  13Breaststroke: Timing and an effective pull. Pullouts.

FULL!! February 9Butterfly: Connecting your pull to your hips....the power phase. Kickouts & breakout. CLINIC SPACE IS FULL!!

March 3The Catch: The key to moving your body passed your hands...refine and practice your catch in all 4 strokes.

April 14:  Breaststroke for IMers: Holding your line, the most efficient phase of the stroke, and reducing resistance by improving your kick! Pullouts.

May 4Turns: Short axis, long axis & the Crossover turn.


Please contact Coach Brackin to sign up for any of the clinics at