Brackin Elite Swim Training's state of the art facility is, hands down, the best environment available for mastering technique, overcoming bad habits, and reaching personal goals. Here’s what we mean...

The Pool

When is the last time you saw yourself swim? When was the last time you got immediate feedback, not 20 yards down the pool mixed in with 5 others in your lane, but right at your hip with all eyes on you? Your Coach Brackin can see every move you make above and below the water. She can actually reach out and touch you in order to make a minute adjustment.

While swimming in the Endless Pool, you’re able to watch yourself while you swim using the underwater and overhead mirrors, allowing for strategic adjustment in body position based on real-time feedback. By controlling the power of the current, we can also custom-fit the experience to your style and strength.

On opening her newest BEST site in St. Petersburg, FL, "I am thrilled to work with an enormous pool of talented swimmers in Florida! The history and tradition of swimming is rich throughout the state and, I couldn't think of a better location to land than the North Shore Aquatic Complex! Having my Endless Pool in this state of the art facility, will allow me to coach not only in the Endless Pool but also utilize their 50 and 25 meter pools and give more focus to starts and turns."

The Tools

During each session, Coach Brackin will provide real-time footage, recorded from above and below the surface, of the skills you are working on mastering.  By individually pinpointing strengths in a controlled digital environment, YOU become engaged in the learning process. It's cutting edge stroke analysis at your fingertips. You will also have access to BEST's library of video footage so that you have a model to emmulate whiile learning new skills.

Endless Pools - Swimming Machine