Individual Swim Training Sessions

At BEST, we know that continued positive reinforcement and repetition are essential for making significant changes and mastering new skills. One on one training sessions will allow each swimmer to receive what is best for them. The session will be tailored for their needs and ability. Because we value a long-term athlete-coach relationship to foster maximum physical and mental growth in each athlete, we offer a discount when booking multiple sessions. Read More

BEST Initiative

Coach Brackin will coach young adults to proactively navigate everyday roadblocks, address issues relating to their athletic and academic performance, and how to prepare for both the recruiting process and the transition to college. Collegiate coaches across the country agree that, if student athletes were more prepared on day one, it would make a tremendous and positive impact on their overall experience. Read More

College Recruiting Consultant

Take advantage of Coach Brackin's years of knowledge and hands on experience, as one of college swimming’s most proficient and successful recruiters, on how to streamline the overwhelming recruiting process. Save time, energy, emotion and money as she helps to lead you through the first steps and potentially to making your decision. Read More