Individual Swim Training Sessions

At BEST, we know that continued positive reinforcement and repetition are essential for making significant changes and mastering new skills. One on one training sessions will allow each swimmer to receive what is best for them. The session will be tailored for their needs and ability.  Read More

Monthly Clinics (Currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions)

Each month BEST will host a clinic focusing on one stroke, emphasizing a specific skill. While not as individualized as one-to-one sessions, Coach Brackin will be sure to give each participant individual instruction and feedback that addresses their specific strengths and weaknesses. The variety of clinics allows you to choose whether to work on your best or weakest stroke or, maybe you’ll choose to improve all your strokes one month at a time! Read More

Introductory Coaching Session

Interested in getting to know Coach Brackin and try out the Endless Pool, but you aren’t ready to commit?  FIRST TIME clients can schedule a 30 minute Introductory Session. During this session, you will talk with Coach Brackin about your goals, swim in the Endless Pool and get a glimpse of the technology she uses to help you quickly learn more about your stroke. The Introductory Session cost is $30.00.

Video Analysis

Another valuable tool for long term learning is a follow up video highlighting your current stroke, the skills & drills you worked on in your session, and demonstrations of what other athletes are doing underwater. Coach Brackin will put together clips of your session and create a short analysis video for you to view, download and share with your coaches. You must let Coach Brackin know you want the video analysis prior to, or at the beginning of, each session. Each analysis is $30.00/session.

TAKE INITIATIVE NOW: Swim Camp for Girls

A unique swim camp, for GIRLS by GIRLS, that includes 4 days of training, technique, and life skills, aimed to empower young women to be proactive and prepared for challenges.

The mission of TAKE INITIATIVE NOW is to encourage young women to develop a willingness to act, take personal responsibility and enthusiastically support others around them. Outside of our daily training, we will focus on life skills that will help you be more prepared and confident in your daily challenges in & out of the pool!

August 6-9, 2020 in St. Petersburg
Email Coach Brackin for all the details:

BEST Initiative

Coach Brackin will coach young adults to proactively navigate everyday roadblocks, address issues relating to their athletic and academic performance, and how to prepare for both the recruiting process and the transition to college. Collegiate coaches across the country agree that, if student athletes were more prepared on day one, it would make a tremendous and positive impact on their overall experience. Read More

College Recruiting Consultant

Take advantage of Coach Brackin's years of knowledge and hands on experience, as one of college swimming’s most proficient and successful recruiters, on how to streamline the overwhelming recruiting process. Save time, energy, emotion and money as she helps to lead you through the first steps and potentially to making your decision. Read More

General Policies

  • Schedule all coaching sessions by contacting Coach Brackin directly at: or 512-801-5774
  • Completed waivers and registration form are required before the start of the first session.
  • Payment is due at the time of booking. Payment is made directly to Coach Brackin via cash, check, Venmo. Google Pay or Zelle.
  • Returned checks will result in $40 fee. Please make checks payable to Brackin Elite Swim Training.
  • Registration forms may be completed easily online.
  • Cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice will forfeit the fee for that day's session.
  • Cancellations with more than 24 hours' notice will be allowed to reschedule their session based on their BEST coach's availability.