I hesitate to offer a testimony as it is like giving away the world's best kept secret! 
What BEST taught my daughter goes far beyond swimming. Obviously her technique, her pacing, and her racing skills surpass those who don't get coaching from BEST, but what BEST does provide her is something I cannot: so much knowledge about how to be a competitor, how to be a sports woman, how to define herself around her swimming, how to manage the ups and the downs over the years of this sport.  
These are the skills that she needs to love the sport and to stay in the sport and get and give the most out of the sport. These are skills that will stay with her forever and will impact not just her swimming being but her whole being. 

Haifa Hammami - Parent of a Junior National Qualifier

Thank you for the leadership, motivation, skill and expertise that Brackin Elite Swim Training provides. The level of instruction and teaching is by far the best in the country. It is truly and an honor and pleasure to have spent time with you and your training! You are a role model for girls and swimmers of all ages. Beyond swimming, you have taught valuable life lessons that can be applied in the pool as well as in life! We wish you and your family all the BEST on your journey to Germany. You will be missed!! 

Colleen Schaedler - Parent of Senior National & Division 1 Swimmer

Kim has made a positive impact on our daughter in many ways. Of course, she has helped refine her technique and improved her efficiency in the water. But just as importantly, she has given her a glimpse of the focus and dedication in takes to be an elite swimmer, while reminding her (and us) that swimming is just one aspect of her life. She is most certainly an athlete - but she is also a sister and a daughter and a student and a young girl - and that perspective helps remind us what it's all about.

Tony & Jackee Kayser - Parents of a 9 yr old swimmer

Being a USA Swim coach myself, I am always a bit leery of clinics. Kim totally blew away my expectations as well as Kaden's. The very first day before, the first session had ended, my trip was already worth the investment...and we still had 3 days to go! Not only is she obviously a great swim coach, she is able to connect with the kids at a personal level. How awesome is it that she not only teaches strokes, technique, racing strategies, among other things, but what truly sets her apart is how she coaches the swimmer as a person and a kid. In my opinion, Kim gets it! It is not all about cutting times and being the fastest, that is just a plus; it is also about being a good person, being respectful, all those values that we all love for our kids to have.

Derrek Amidon - Parent of a club swimmer and former Swimming Coach

I can't tell you how grateful we are for your help. We finally saw him have the breakthrough meet we knew was possible. You cleaned up his stroke, but gave him much, much more. Ian left your pool motivated and armed with the self-confidence to succeed. He is excited, and can't wait for the next meet.

Kelly Clennan - Parent of 11 yr old swimmer

Brackin Elite training is the amazing combination of Kim's expertise, cutting-edge technology and an open and friendly environment. My son's technique has improved exponentially. Thank-you, Kim! 

Hillary Fontenot - parent of 14 yr old Age Group Swimmer

Our daughter recently reached another goal by getting her first sectionals time. Kim has been an instrumental part of her training. The technique training she receives has motivated her to reach each goal she sets. We believe the one on one coaching and positive enforcement Kim provides is an invaluable asset to her training. Thank you! 

Parents of 14 yr old Age Group Swimmer

I had the pleasure of working with Kim Brackin from 1997-2005 at Auburn University. Together we built a national championship program based on tenants such as, use of progressive cutting edge technique, a complete attention to detail, and a highly intentional training program. The culture was characterized by an enthusiastic and passionate team atmosphere. Coach Kim's personal style and competencies match each of those program tenants and there is no doubt that in a one on one atmosphere she will have a remarkable impact on her students. Kim, by her very nature highly inspirational and motivational, combined that with the fact that she is one of the USA's best technical coaches, Brackin Elite Swim Training will be a synergistic success for each student at all levels.

David Marsh - 2016 USA Head Women's Olympic Coach, Two-time USA Assistant Olympic Coach, nine-time NCAA National Coach of the Year and a thirteen-time SEC Coach of the Year, Head Coach University of San Diego

Kim has coached me through 4 Olympic Games. Together we have achieved greatness - 7 Individual Olympic Medals! Kim has multiple qualities that make her an elite coach but if I was to choose one that has attributed to my success, it would be her perfection with technique. I have been honored to have her as a coach.

Kirsty Coventry - Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, four-time Olympic Silver Medalist, one-time Olympic Bronze Medalist, former World Record holder, World & NCAA Champion, Member of the International Olympic Committe

Having worked with Kim in various capacities over the past 12 years, she is without a doubt one of the most forward thinking coaches in the USA. It is not only the attention to detail in stroke mechanics, but her ability to communicate those ideas to athletes of all levels that separates her from other coaches. I am looking forward to her continued work within the sport as it not helps the individual athlete, but continues to aide me in our conversations about stroke technique.

Dave Durden - Head Coach, Univ. of California at Berkeley, 2016 USA Assistant Olympic Coach, 2015 USA Head World Championship Coach, three-time NCAA Coach of the Year

Kim is an amazing coach, motivator and friend! I can truly say that I would not have accomplished all that I have without Kim. Her mastery of stroke technique, passion for coaching and natural ability to motivate others are only a few examples of why Kim is one of the best coaches in the world today.

Kim has helped athletes achieve their full potential and win world titles by instilling fierce confidence grounded in a lifestyle of excellence and aggressive goal-setting. She understands the process for becoming a great athlete.

What is unique and wonderful about Kim is that she believes in honest evaluation but is equipped with the ability to motivate you to tackle your weaknesses with passion and enthusiasm as well as supplying the tools to continually grow your strengths. I'm so blessed and thankful for the years I was able to work with Kim. Not only did I achieve my athletic goals, I made a lifelong friend!

Maggie Bowen - World and NCAA Champion, Age Group Triathlete

I had the privilege of working with Coach Brackin from 2002 - 2005 while I was at Auburn University. During this time Coach Brackin taught me about the attention to detail required in getting to the next level. There are many ways to swim fast, and Coach Brackin has a unique ability to help individual athletes find techniques that work best for them. Her emphasis on technique allows swimmers to develop the right training and racing habits. She has a total understanding of what it takes to become a world class swimmer and fearless competitor.

Eric Shanteau - Olympic Gold Medalist, World Record Holder

I was lucky enough to swim for Kim Brackin at Auburn University. I was 17 years old when I began swimming for her and at the time was nationally ranked and one of the best in the country in the 100 and 200 meter backstroke. By the end of my career, Kim coached me to become an eleven-time All-American, a three-time NCAA Champion, a Silver Medalist at the 2005 World Championships and a career high of 11th in the world. Kim's ability to perfect my stroke through astute teaching and committed guidance made all the difference. Because of Kim I finished my career the best I could possibly be.

Jeri Moss Shanteau - US National Team Member, World Championship Silver Medalist, NCAA Champion

Kim Brackin was the greatest coach I ever swam for. She consistently paid attention to details and developed my technique, which made an enormous impact on my success as a collegiate and professional swimmer. Under her guidance, I improved from a 70th place finish at the 2000 U.S. Olympic trials to a 3rd place finish in 2004 in the 100 meter butterfly. More importantly, Kim has been an influential role model for me. She is the reason that I got into coaching, and I continue to view her as a mentor and a friend.

Demerae Christianson - Columbia University Assistant Coach, World University Games Gold Medalist, NCAA Champion

Kim Brackin can be included in the small club of truly elite coaches. She has coached along side the best coaches in the world, and has coached some of the best swimmers in the world. Her knowledge of swim technique, innovative ideas and passion for the pursuit of perfection helped me to reach the pinnacle of my career: the Olympic Games. I also saw her take Auburn University, a top ten level NCAA team, to a national championship-winning team in just a few shorts years. She conveys her knowledge of technique with patience and a positive attitude, which is essential for optimal enjoyment in the pool. Whether you are a beginner or elite triathlete, I would highly recommend Kim for anyone who wants to take their swimming to the next level!

Rada Owen - Olympic Gold Medalist, NCAA Champion

Kim has helped me improve my technique so much in every stroke, especially backstroke. During the years I was swimming with her my individual medley got a lot better. She is very knowledgeable and detail oriented which is very important for swimmers that have reached a certain level, details can make a big difference and that is what Kim is very good at; she is always trying to find ways to improve your stroke even if it is just the position of your fingers when they enter or little but important things of the sort. She is always striving to make you a better swimmer, it is her passion! Kim is not only a great technique coach but she has been a great life coach and friend for me. She has taught me lessons of discipline, strength and determination in and out of the pool and at the same time she makes the sport a lot of fun! I am very thankful that I had the chance to swim with her the years that I did.

Susana Escobar - Mexico Olympian 2012 & 2008, NCAA All-American at the University of Texas

Working with Coach Brackin at BEST has really taken my swimming to the next level. The major difference for me was the combination of Coach Brackin's expertise in identifying stroke flaws, then translating them into ways I could understand to make the needed changes, along with the instant visual feedback from her Endless Pool and video system. I've had people give me swimming tips for years, but until I could see myself "real-time", it was difficult to understand how I was actually swimming versus how I thought I was swimming. Coach Brackin also has a superb, specialized, keen eye for technique and an ability to communicate with her athletes. This combination helped me make the largest leap forward in my swimming in my racing career.

Patrick Evoe - Professional Triathlete

As a Professional Ironman triathlete, I spend most of my days training --preparing for that next race. The specificity of my training program and the attention to detail is crucial for my development. It isn't just about banging out the miles on the road and the yards in the pool. Coach Brackin gets that. Triathletes are so good about being work horses, but the real secret is figuring out what is it within your stroke, within your swim training, that isn't allowing you to progress. Do you need more strength work? Should you work on your stroke rate? Is it your body position? Coach Kim and the BEST program will allow you to figure out where the "holes" are in your armor, so that you toe the line at your next triathlon confident for battle. The future looks bright and I am excited that BEST and Coach Kim, with her contagious energy and motivation, will be there!

Terra Castro - Professional Ironman Triathlete

Kim has helped my stroke tremendously over the last few months. I always thought I knew what proper technique looked like, but it wasn't until working with Kim that I finally began to apply the correct technique to my own stroke. Her attention to detail and constant feedback has made the process of becoming a swimmer a fun challenge.

Ben Munguia - Age Group Triathlete